Appfrica is an innovative global consultancy specializing in market research, custom technology, and investment in emerging markets. I joined the Appfrica Labs team as a fellow in Kampala for three months in 2010.

I have long been passionate about the role of consumer technology in sustainable international development; this passion directed me through college, where I also decided to structure my degree around this subject. Although mobile phones and internet technologies continue to play an incredibly impactful role in low-resource settings around the globe, design capacity in emerging and developing economies is currently limited. I believe that the continued impact of these technologies will require the same attention to design and user-experience that has become a standard among today’s successful web and mobile services.

It was this interest that drove me to finding Appfrica Labs, who at the time, were working on a variety of digital projects for East African clients. I supported the team by directing the UI/UX efforts on a number of projects, including ResultsSMS–a system for delivering medical test results to patients and healthcare providers via SMS. At the same time, I also learned an incredible amount from Jon Gosier and the rest of my co-workers whose insights still direct my thoughts and understanding about emerging technologies in low resource settings today.