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Through a semester-long project for the advanced Human Factors in Interface Design (HFID) course at Olin College, team “99 Luftballons” decided to tackle the issue of privacy on Facebook. At the time, this was a story heavily featured in the news, with elaborate discussion on the complexity and lack of transparency that Facebook users were faced with when attempting to adjust the privacy/visibility settings of their profiles.

Following an elaborate design process, we developed a final prototype that received very positive feedback from designers at Facebook. The current privacy redesigns, which were developed by internal Facebook teams, include a number of concepts that we explored as part of this project. For example, the idea of “pivoting”, which allows you to directly preview what your profile looks like to other Facebook users and groups.

Our process included the following areas: user research and synthesis, persona development and goal setting, conceptual model definition, needs analysis, low-resolution (paper) prototyping and testing, interactive prototype development, cognitive analysis, heuristic evaluation and final user testing. Detailed descriptions and insights documenting our design process can be found on the 99 Luftballons project website.