frog is one of the world’s leading design consultancies that helps companies design, engineer and bring to market meaningful products and services. I took a leave of absence from college for a semester to work as an interaction design intern at the frog Munich studio for six months.

I was assigned to a whole range of exciting projects that helped me mature as a designer and a project manager. A lot of the work was done on large, interdisciplinary and distributed teams. Through my strong background in design and engineering, I became well known for being able to work at the interface between the creative and technology development sides of these teams. This is a role that I continue to take on for the majority of projects I have worked on since.

Although the majority of our work was for Fortune 500 companies, my experience at the new Munich studio did come with a distinct entrepreneurial flavor. As the first intern hired I was able to actively contribute to the establishment of the studio, from quick runs to IKEA for last-minute furniture purchases, to supporting business development efforts with brand new clients. I also established the office’s internal recycling plan.