LittleBonsai was a product development studio based in Boston. I co-founded with company with fellow Olin College graduate Jake Felser. Our vision was to create useful, beautifully crafted and responsibly made consumer products.

The two years at the helm of LittleBonsai have been some of my most formative. Jake and I enjoyed an exhilarating journey, which started with The Clip and ended with the establishment of an innovative and successful product development company. LittleBonsai developed a whole range of products both internally and for external clients, including toothbrushes, exercise equipment, medical devices and personal accessories.

We cannot even begin to count the number of lessons learned along the way. We went from packing boxes on the porch of a shared room in our apartment, to building an automated manufacturing, fulfillment and shipping system for our products. We were accepted to MassChallenge, one of the most respected startup accelerators in the world. We learned how to deal with the media and with lawyers. We repeatedly managed to respond to difficult challenges and learned the tricks of negotiation. But most of all, we learned that as an entrepreneur not a day goes by without some form of unexpected excitement!

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