Download UX/UI Design Booklet


Enjoyed by aviation fans around the globe, trip reports are (often detailed) accounts of the flying-related parts of a trip or travel. They are most commonly written as forum posts in the major online aviation communities like and Flyertalk.

And that brings us directly to the issue. As I see it, there are three main problems with the current trip report format:

  1. People want media-rich experiences and online forums are not the best formats to deliver these in.
  2. It is difficult to navigate through current trip reports.
  3. A trip report should allow the reader to fully immerse him/herself directly into the travel experience.

As the author of many reports, I decided to take a stab at refreshing, redesigning and redefining the online trip report experience through a comprehensive UX/UI design approach. This approach and the final outcome of the design process are documented in the downloadable UX/UI Design Booklet.